Siding Installation Georgia

At Onix Solution Contractor we offer siding installation in Georgia and the following areas including: Alpharetta, GA | Johns Creek, GA | Marietta, GA | Atlanta, GA | Buckhead, GA | Sandy Springs, GA | Dunwoody, GA | Norcross, GA | Smyrna, GA | Duluth, GA | Roswell, GA | Kennesaw, GA. Our siding features include: house siding, Aluminium siding, Fiber-Cement, Vinyl siding, Steel siding, Wood sidings and Cedar.

Siding is the outer covering or cladding of a house meant to shed water and protect from the effects of weather. On a building that uses siding, it may act as a key element in the aesthetic beauty of the structure and directly influence its property value.

House Sidings

Few home improvements or repairs can improve the appearance, curb appeal and value of your house. Onix solution offers you the perfect siding installation in Georgia that will be best for your house.

The siding material needs to suit the architectural style of your house. Listed here are the most popular materials for exterior siding. Your decision can change the look of an entire neighbourhood.

Aluminium Siding Installation

We provide Aluminum siding installation in GA which is strong and durable. It will not rot or warp. It is non-combustible. Aluminium is maintenance free. Their are significant improvements to the aesthetics than decades ago. In most cases we install aluminium over existing wood, this allows an extra insulation barrier. A variety of factory colors are available. Aluminum is typically used for eaves and trim but is available as a low cost solution on the walls of the house. Aluminium is less expensive than steel and vinyl. Lifetime warranties are available in select lines.

Fiber-Cement, (Known as Hardy Planks)

Fiber-cement board is a composite of sand, cement, and cellulose fibers. It is stronger than aluminium and vinyl. It is naturally resistant to mold, mildew, and fungus unlike basic wood siding. It is fire and flame resistant. We remove old siding prior to installing fiber-cement board. This process can make it more expensive than vinyl and steel. Fiber-cement board comes in a variety of factory pre-finishes but also allows the customer to paint the product. Painting is an option with fiber-cement that is not available to steel, vinyl, and aluminium siding. Minimal maintenance of paint and cleaning may be necessary. Fiber-cement board comes with a limited 30 year warranty.

Vinyl Siding Installation

We offer vinyl siding installation in Marietta Georgia. There are several grades of vinyl panels on the market today. Most of the newer vinyl siding panels are stronger than ever with standing most weather conditions. In comparison to older or inferior panels most new panels are less likely to crack and become brittle. In Georgia high grade vinyl will resist damaging ultra violet rays better over low grade vinyl. To increase energy efficiency insulate behind each panel. In most cases we install vinyl panels over existing siding in order to keep the extra layer of insulation. Vinyl offers the widest range of factory colors. Vinyl siding installation is low maintenance. To clean vinyl siding we recommend power washing a couple times annually. Vinyl is mid-range in price. Lifetime warranties are available in most lines.

Steel Siding Installation

You can get Steel siding installation in GA which is the most durable maintenance-free siding available. It is non-combustible. It is stronger than vinyl and aluminum. Steel will not crack or buckle. Steel resists dents from accidental incidents such as lawn mowers, rocks, and hail. To increase energy efficiency insulate behind each panel. In most cases, we install steel siding over existing siding in order to keep the extra layer of insulation. Steel siding installation offers varying grains to resemble wood and several factory colors are available. Steel siding is the best choice for longevity. Lifetime warranties are available which can include no fade guarantee!

Wood Sidings Installation

We can also provide wood siding installation in Georgia. Wood is a perennial favourite choice for siding options throughout the United States and Canada. Whether it is vertical siding like board and batten, or horizontal siding like clapboards, shakes, and shingles, there are a few species and grades commonly used for all applications. Pine has long been a standard for exterior siding. Knot-free pine can be difficult to get in longer lengths, though, which can make a project more labor-intensive and costly. Pine holds a finish well, and is preferable when painting or staining horizontal siding. It is typically used for clapboards. Pine is not a rot-resistant wood, so it is important to keep it sealed and well maintained.


Cedar siding is known for its grain and its rot resistance. It is straight and resists splitting. Cedar takes a stain well and reveals a rich character. It is commonly used in shakes and shingles because it is dimensionally stable, resists swelling, and has less cupping and splitting. Cedar clapboards are popular, too, but clear grade A cedar can be costly. Still, for its grain and texture, cedar is preferred for stain applications. Cedar siding is naturally more moisture and insect-resistant than pine, but must be treated and maintained to retain these qualities. All woods must be sealed and stained or painted to resist moisture, damage, and decay.

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