Enjoy the Beauty of a Well-Trimmed Tree

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Regularly trimming your property's trees is an important part of maintaining healthy growth and beauty. But don't try to do it on your own. Onix Solution Contractor offers reliable local tree services for your Atlanta, GA home.

We offer regular tree trimming services year-round to keep your trees and the landscape around them pristine. Our company also offers trimming services for trees or branches with storm damage.

To schedule trimming services for your property, send us a message now.

Does your tree have branches or limbs that need to be removed?

It may be difficult to tell if your tree needs trimming or limb removal. Generally, we recommend trimming a limb from your tree if...

  • The limb has sustained storm damage
  • The limb is infested with pests, disease or fungi
  • The limb is overgrown and weighing the tree down
Certain limbs may also pose a threat to your property if your tree grows over your driveway or home. When you choose us for local tree services, we can safely remove any problem areas of your tree while leaving the rest of its natural beauty intact.

For an estimate on tree trimming or pruning services, call 770-881-8284.