Need Trees Removed or Trimmed in Atlanta?

Tree Trimming

Regular tree trimming will keep your yard or landscape healthier and have your trees looking the best all year round. Tree trimming can be an inexpensive solution to keep your home safe.

Tree Removal

Tree removal includes cutting the tree down and hauling away the logs and branches. This is done by a grapple truck or a wood chipper machine. Another possibility is cutting the trunk into small pieces and leaving it on the property to use for fire wood.

Stump Grinding

If you want the stump ground, it can be done, too. Stump grinding is another service that we offer. It uses a different machine, so there's an additional cost. Roots are not included in the stump grinding. Including roots can be done by extending the diameter of the stump grinder, which will add another small cost.

Storm Tree Damage Clearing

After a storm there might be trees that have fallen down or large tree limbs that might have damaged your property. If you need someone to come clear your storm debris or remove trees or limbs from your roof, give Onix a call! We will be happy to come assist you!

Land & Lot Clearing, Land Grading

After the removal of your trees, we will be happy to clear your land from overgrowth or tree debris. We also offer land grading. That is done with a different machine that will flatten your land and prepare it for another project.

Get to the Root of Your Tree Problems

Arrange for stump grinding services in the Atlanta, GA area

After providing tree removal services, some companies leave the stumps behind. If your yard is littered with stumps, you need to get rid of them ASAP. Onix Solution Contractor provides affordable stump grinding services in Atlanta, GA and the surrounding area.

Stumps can sprout new growth, attract pests and pose a tripping hazard for people and pets, which is why we recommend grinding stumps down to their roots. Call 770-881-8284 now to schedule stump grinding services.

A full-service tree company

In addition to stump grinding, we provide...

  • Land clearing services, to prep land for construction
  • Storm damage cleanup services, to get rid of debris safely
  • Tree removal services, to eliminate safety hazards
  • Tree trimming services, to prevent disease from spreading

Regardless of the issues you're dealing with, we can do whatever is needed to keep your trees healthy. Contact our team in Atlanta, GA today to request an estimate.